Vienna is one of the largest and most beautiful capitals in Europe. It is a quiet town, clean, even where there are construction area is fenced. A city where thieves do not belong, for instance, some products were displayed at a store out, I went in and there was nobody, just somewhere in the back, two salesman were still not worrying about the merchandise from outside or from front. It left me a pleasant taste and I would like to be like so everywhere, that people do not need to worry for their goods. Trains are suspended and extremely well soundproofed, although above is outdoors, on the street you won't hear when the trains pass. However, the transportion costs are a little expensive - 2.5 euro per trip ...

Google Map: see on the map

Coordonate: 48.208102, 16.371134

Visit: 17-20 November 2010

Quick access:

Albertina Museum see on the map

Beautifull exterior landscape, but unfortunately we didn't entered.

St. Augustin Church (AugustinerKirche) see on the map

A church with impressive architecture.

Austrian National Library (Osterreichische Nationalbibliothek) see on the map

A lovely building, when we got a supersonic jet have been exposed, I didn't exactly understood the connection ... but it was nice. Also you could saw many speed cars.

Austrian Parliament see on the map

O plimbare de seară pe cinste pe aleea din fața parlamentului A lovely evening walking on the alley in front of the parliament.

Belvedere Palace see on the map

Do not miss the Belvedere Palace. It is absolutely gorgeous, the park offers a dreamlike spot. Many statues, water, a park built with great taste.

Burgtor Castle Gate see on the map

Worth seeing if you're passing.

Lutheran City Church see on the map

Personally I didn't found something impressive.

French Embassy see on the map

Haas House (Haas Haus) see on the map

If is on the way, I recommend you to see the futuristic design of the house Haas.

Haus des Meeres Aquarium see on the map

Maybe not the greatest variety of fish and marine animals, but I really liked how everything is ordered: a building with seven floors if I am right, you go to the top floor with an elevator (a little scary if you look up in the elevator you see as you approach the top floor and you have the feeling that you'll never stop). From here you visit all kinds of aquarium with fish, sharks, turtles etc on each floor, down to the next and so on. You go over a rope bridge - very nice. I was very impressed by a longish shy fish hiding in the sand whenever we see him. We had the opportunity to see some snakes which were fed with mice.

Hofburg Imperial Palace see on the map

It is somewhere in the center of the city. Built in 13 Cetury, it has been extended by architects from time-to-many.

Capuchin Church see on the map

I honestly does not deserve to go up there to see it unless you are in the way.

St. Charles Church (KarlsKirche) see on the map

Baroque church that can be found in the Karlsplatz.

Karl Square (KarlsPlatz) see on the map

Messe Wien Hotel see on the map

The hotel where we stayed, was acceptable, accessible in different directions of the city.

Minorities Church (MinoritenKirche) see on the map

A church built in French Gothic style, with a very successful architecture.

Mozart Memorial Statue see on the map

Town Concert Hall (Musikverein) (Musikverein) see on the map

We said that would be pretty sad to come to Vienna and do not go to a concert here ... I'm not a fan of symphonic music but it was superb.

Natural History Museum & Maria Teresa Square (Naturhistorisches Museum & Maria Theresien Platz) see on the map

Natural History Museum is quite huge, holding collections of over 250 years. Also, unfortunately we have not visited inside.

Neuer Markt Square (Neuer Markt Platz) see on the map

Dietrichstein Palace (Palais Dietrichstein) see on the map

Also called Lobkowitz Palace, this is a baroque building and hosts the Theatre Museum of the Kunsthistorisches Museum.

Trautson Palace (Palais Trautson) see on the map

Another baroque building.

Praterstern see on the map

A walk through Praterstern leaves you a nice taste. All beautifully landscaped, you can see small ships and other beautiful buildings.

Amusement Park Prater see on the map

If you come to Vienna, do not forget to reach the amusement park. It is quite large and very nice. Unfortunately during the time we arrived was overhaul, not too many open areas. I did not dare to subscribe to the tall chains. Once up, you can scream all you want - no one can hear you.

City Hall and Rathaus Square see on the map

One of the most beautiful locations in Vienna from my point of view. During our stay in the square, there were all kinds of cabins where they sold sweets, toys..everything. The fair begins in November and ends after the New Year. Dreamy.

Sovietic Soldier Memorial Statue (Hochstrahlbrunnen) see on the map

Also known as der Roten Armee Heldendenkmal (Red Army monument), can be found in Schwarzenbergplatz. The statue was erected in memory of the 17,000 Russian soldiers who fell in Vienna during the second world war.

Butterflies House (SchmetterlingHaus) see on the map

Unfortunately you cannot see the flyers in photos very well but there you do. Very nicely arranged on a space not very big, you'll find here a small imitation of the natural wilderness. Indoor humidity is very high, it will cover camera lens with mist in seconds. Fortunately wears off after a few minutes.

Secession - Contemporary Art Center see on the map

It is known also as the Austrian Artists Union.

St. Michael Church (Michaelerkirche) see on the map

t is one of the oldest churches in Vienna, built in Romanesque / Gothic style.

St. Stephen Church see on the map

By far the most beautiful church in Vienna. Undoubtedly worth seeing. Unfortunately it was still under renovation.

State Opera (Staatsoper) see on the map

It can be found in the center of the city since the mid-19th century.

Technological University see on the map

One of the largest universities in Vienna.

Viena's Theater (Theater an der wien) see on the map

MuseumsQuartier & Leopold Museum see on the map

Enough to visit, we didn't joined the Leopold Museum as there seemed not being very interesting.

VolksTheater see on the map

It is known as the People Theater.

VotivKirche Church see on the map

One of the largest and most beautiful churches in Vienna, with parkland and beautiful scenery in front.


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Author: Iulian Cristea
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