Barcelona is a city with a large number of touristic objectives. The trip took about 2 days. We arrived Friday evening and we left Sunday evening. I can say it was an unforgettable small vacation. A accomplish to visit only the minimum from what we proposed because of the minimum amount of time.

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Coordinates: 41.401357, 2.161814

Visit: 6-7 June 2015

Fast access:

Catalunya Plaza (Plaça de Catalunya) vezi pe harta

We started to see Barcelona from the large and beautiful Catalunya Plaza.

La Rambla vezi pe harta

A very large street with a lot of trees where you can walk and shop several stuffs, souvenirs, sweets etc.

La Boqueria vezi pe harta

A little bazaar full with all kind of sweets and fruits for all tastes. It is less probable to not find something that you like.

Maritime Museum (Maritime Museum) vezi pe harta

We didn't entered inside (someone told me that it isn't so interesting, but I don't know for sure). Here you can see a few ships. Outside it is a minisub. Do not forget to watch through its windows. I won't tell you what you can see to not spoil the surprise.

Edifici Gas Natural (Torre Mare Nostrum) vezi pe harta

A beautiful building surrounded by a few palms.

Statue of Cristofor Columb (Mirador de Colom) vezi pe harta

Barcelona Port (Port de Barcelona) vezi pe harta

A dreamy thing. I'll come back for sure in this wonderful place. For architecture buildings lovers, you can see from here the Vela Hotel. On the left side we can see numerous ships and yachts. If you cross the bridge you'll find the Barcelona Aquarium.

Vela Hotel / W Barcelona vezi pe harta

A beautiful view.

Barcelona Aquarium (L’Aquàrium de Barcelona) vezi pe harta

I recommend it to you from my deep soul. It deserve the last penny, especially you should pass through glass tunnels where you can admire fishes and sharks from the bottom.

Santa Maria del Mar Church (Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar) vezi pe harta

Santa Maria del Mar Church can be found on the streets from approach of Barcelona harbour. Beautiful, but to little space around it for its size.

Chocolate Museum (Museu De La Xocolata) vezi pe harta

Personally - a big disappointment. Some chocolate shapes and a small room and that's it.

Arch of Triumph (Arco de Triunfo de Barcelona) vezi pe harta

The street is wonderful, many people, huge soap balloons, amazing landscape. We catch a small show of a girl with a circle. The arch it is located in the pedestrian area and you can reach it directly not being necessary to avoid cars.

La Monumental vezi pe harta

I wasn't too impressed. I didn't enter inside neither.

La Sagrada Familia vezi pe harta

I was shocked. A story tell like. You need to see it live because the pictures won't describe the beauty of this temple. Gaudi was indeed an astonishing architect. It is a bind from a beautiful church and something taken from a fairy tale. Unfortunately is still not finished and you can see the cranes.

Parc Güell vezi pe harta

A weekend walk park. You can see a large landscape of the city from here.

Torre Agbar vezi pe harta

A building that must be seen at night because of its colourful lights. We were there only in daylight time.

Milà House (Casa Milà) vezi pe harta

We visited only the outside. Like Sagrada, a totally different architectural. You are a little bit shocked because it looks totally different from the rest of the surrounding buildings.

Casa Batlló & La Manzana de la Discordia vezi pe harta

Batlló House, another Gaudi opera, astonishing of course. La Manzana de la Discordia wasn't so impressive.

Funicular vezi pe harta

A different experience. It's like a tram that is going up and down on a very long hill. There are two vehicles and are trailed by some heavy stil cables. I don't know if they have personal trailed in the same time or only those cable. One goes down and in the mean time another one goes up. It arrives at Tibidabo Park in top and in the city in the bottom. You can reach the funicular by the buss and in this case you can use the city pass or with a tram but here you need to buy a ticket.

Attraction Park Tibidabo (Parc de atracciones Tibidabo) vezi pe harta

In tibidabo park we spent a few hours because is big. We have fun with montagne-russe and a peace of log that slips with water in a slide - you won't escape without being wet :) .

Gondola vezi pe harta

Binds the city from metro and the Montjuic Castle. It takes some time until you reach the top.

Montjuïc Castle vezi pe harta

A fine weekend walk.

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Author: Iulian Cristea
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