Top 14 most beautiful caves from the world

I originally wanted to call this article "Top 10 most beautiful caves", but I could not just stop at 10 because of their beauty, so I said to go a little over topic and do a top 14. The following order is chosen by me, otherwise difficult, but each may declare top liking.

Top 14: Lechuguilla (New Mexico) - is located in Carlsbad Caves National Park, the fifth longest in the world, with a distance of 196 km and the deepest in North America - 489 meters. Access is prohibited to tourists, for scientific explorations.   Lechuguilla (New Mexico)
Top 13: Mamut Cave, Kentucky, SUA - one of the oldest and best known caves in the United States. Globally it is the longest natural tunnel system, about 587 km.   Mamut Cave, Kentucky, SUA
Top 12: Galos Caves Saline, Chicago, SUA - hall is under the Jolly Inn in Portage Park, Chicago. Visitors relax on sun beds, surrounded by stalactites of salt and saline aerosols while inspiring great sound, recorded, relaxing their mind.   Galos Caves Saline, Chicago, SUA
Top 11: Ice Caves, Antarctica - Mount Erebus, is the warmest place on this continent. One result of steam heating furnaces, Erebus is the tower of the area and spacious caves beneath the frozen soil.   Ice Caves, Antarctica
Top 10: Throat Cave, Mexic - with a depth of 365 meters and located in central Mexico is a huge cave. It also being explored by sensation amateurs, which they throw in its goal, opening parachutes when approaching the ground.   Throat Cave, Mexic
Top 9: Onondoga Cave (Missouri) - is one of the more than 5500 caves in Missouri, full of stalagmites formed after the passage of water.   Onondoga Cave (Missouri)
Top 8: Eisriesenwelt Ice, Austria - 40 km South to Werfen, there is a vast series of caves with a length of 42 km of tunnels and rooms. The walls of ice thickness are reaching up to 20 meters. There are stalactites, stalagmites and frozen waterfalls. Ice is created by air currents during cold winters. Temperatures here reach a maximum of 0 degrees Celsius.   Eisriesenwelt Ice, Austria
Top 7: Cave of Fingal, Scotland - is a marine cave on the island of Staffa. Is formed after deposition of basaltic lava, then corroded water.   Cave of Fingal, Scotland
Top 6: Fantastic Pit (SUA) known as the deepest cave in the USA.   Fantastic Pit (SUA)
Top 5: Cristals Cave from mine Naica, Chihuahua (Mexic) - is in the southern city of Chihuahua, 300 meters below the mountain, full of water and is a large producer of ores like silver and zinc. Temperatures here reach 45-50 degrees Celsius. And is declared as the place with the largest known crystals.   Cristals Cave from mine Naica, Chihuahua (Mexic)
Top 4: Majlis al Jinn Cave (Oman) - the second largest cave in the world   Majlis al Jinn Cave (Oman)
Top 3: Waitomo Glowworm (New Zeeland) - is located in northern New Zealand and is known for bright worm population. They are found only here and are the size of a muskito.   Waitomo Glowworm (New Zeeland)
Top 2: Skocjan Cave, Slovenia - with a depth of 150 meters, photographing is strictly forbidden in the cave to not be affected by light. Is declared as one of the most important natural treasures of the planet Earth and has a length of 3.5 km, width of 10-60 meters and 140 meters tall. Cave is the largest in Europe and in the rainy days is flooded at a rate of 60%.   Skocjan Cave, Slovenia
Top 1: Reed Flute Cave, Guilin, China, Asia - with a length of 240 meters, located near the city of Guilin, the cave has an age of over 180 million years and was discovered 1,000 years ago. Water-eroded cave is a bright and colorful cavern on a huge variety of stalactites, pillars of limestone and rock formations created by the salt of carbonic acid storage.   Reed Flute Cave, Guilin, China, Asia



Author: Iulian Cristea

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