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Top 20 best actor

The top has been created by actors activity. Many of them are writers, directors and producers. I couldn't limit my self at 10 actors because I couldn't eliminate a serie of good actors. The top has been realized with big difficulty. ...
7 years and 9 months ago
Author: Iulian Cristea
Top 10 best actress

The top has been created by the current activity of the actresses in descending order with some of the most known movies that they played. 10. Charlize Theron - 1 Oscar won (Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role) ...
Top 14 most beautiful caves from the world

I originally wanted to call this article "Top 10 most beautiful caves", but I could not just stop at 10 because of their beauty, so I said to go a little over topic and do a top 14. The following order is chosen by me, otherwise difficult, ...
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