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For surfing on this website or one of its subdomains, you must agree our terms and conditions. Continuing surfing on it, makes your agreement positive with te following conditions.

1. We don't answer for server breaks, in that case our sites won't work. Those responsabilities goes to our hosting provider.

2. The rules asked by our hosting provider are for users too, specially at inserting content on the server through this website.

3. The inserted informations by users, will made them directly responsable, so please do not insert pornographical materials, cracks or/and hacks, unreal materiala, copyrighted materials without of author agreement. Any try of this type will permit us automatically a very well colaboration with authorities, for avoiding any divergence.

4. In case that you'll insert unreal materials, we reserverd our rights to suspend them and we'll block your acces on this site.

5. Personals data, inserted by you, we'll be secure by the websites protections and by hosting server, assuring your identity, excepting requests of any authorities.

6. Through materials we understand any informations inserted by any way, those beeing: text, software, microprograms (viruses, spyware, adware and/or any other programs like those), music, movies, images.

7. We don't are responsibles for external links created through our website, and for their content, those responsabilities goes to users that inserts respective lins.

8. The users of this site are responsables for e-mail sended using this website.

9. Any posted information that tries to make a bad image to one or more persons from this site or exterior, will be automatically suspended whitout any warning.

10. We reserve our rights to not ask users opinion for any commercial on this website.

11. We're not responsables to alert users about eventually modifications which may came on any part of this portal.

12. We'll respect your rights to not intercept your e-mails through our site to any person and will not modify their content too. For possible damages that can came from any causes by our website we don't have any obligations.

13. We don't promote spams of any kind, and if we think in any situations that there are any spams we will respond using any legal ways that we have.

14. In case that you don't agree with those terms and conditions please leave this site and don't use his content. Using this portal supose your agremeent with presented conditions.

15. For any breaking rules, you'll asume entire responsabilities. We are not responsable for informations posted by any user.

16. Please comunicate to us any concerning about our website or created by any user of it.

17. We reserve our right to call the authorities for hacking tentatives, flood, traffic abuse and entire website download using software in this scope.

18. In case you insert obscene words, those informations will be deleted automatically, or by one of our administrators, without any avertisment.

19. We also reserve the right to change at any time this terms and conditions.

20. This website can save cookies on your computer. Continuing browsing represents your agreement to save cookies on your computer. We mention that they don't produce any damage to your computer, and they are used for easing navigation like retaining your login information if you want to be logged permanently or the language you use.

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