Panic attacks

Many of us happened to have heart stinging pain, dizziness, anxiety and blame the heart, as we could have a problem with it.

You should know that these pains can be caused by other factors. I personally, I deal with this kind of problem, even when editing this article, and dates back about 3-4 years.

I was told repeatedly that it will pass, it will be fine, but the problem persists. I'm under Seroxat treatement. It is the third treatment that I perform. First was with 20 mg Seroxat, Efexor was second with 150 mg and the third 20 mg Seroxat now.

States that I have untreated, well treated also, I can fix them with one Xanax, and are probably very common majority of those who suffer from this condition.

Among these may be mentioned:

  • particularly strong anxiety
  • dizziness
  • strong feelings of cold
  • trembling feet but the whole body too
  • lateral pressure in the head
  • dizziness
  • feelings of impending doom
  • despair
  • states of shock

All this is due to a common factor to most of us, "stress". This, (as was my case) combined with coffee and cola, lack of rest and irregular meals lead to a disaster.

If you have such problems, do not rush to a wrong diagnosis, and seek medical specialists, make sure first that you don't have any heart problems or other organs affections, and then perhaps someone will steer you to a psychiatrist or psychologist. Don't hesitate to go. Going to one of these categories of doctors does not mean you are crazy, but you have serious nervous system problems that can destroy one or more organs.

Organs affected by stress varies from body to body. In my case, the heart was mostly affected. Others have stomach problems, excessive coughing that seems untreated, sometimes remaining after a cold (it happened to me also).

Before treatment, make sure that you want this. Going to the doctor's office, I consult with she, and told the situation of other cases. I learned that there are people who have panic attacks, but complain that they can not give up cola. Well dear, those people are persons who are unconscious, do not think, forget too quickly or in the best case have not yet felt bad enough.

So, to speed up returning to normal, I can recommend the following:

  • give up big stressors (do not do the possible, even make the impossible, really it is a problem that many can not solve it)
  • quit drinking "accelerators" like Coke, Redbull, coffee etc.
  • do not waste even a sleepless night, every night it will say the word at a time, usually requires 3 nights extended to cover a lost one or a incomplete one, but do not rely on this principle, think of it as exceptions: 2-3-4 times a year
  • do not skip meals, the body requires regular and varied diet in order to be able to extract all the minerals and vitamins; eating should not be represented by fast-food meals
  • avoid annoying yourself from "anything stupid", this does not mean to gather all the negative energy and turn it into a bad mood, but to ignore, even if you are annoyed by surrounding objects, think that they do not have the power to harm you;
  • go to parks, forest, mountain, sea
  • do more sport
  • avoid aggressive movies (horror, drama, action-packed) in turbulent periods use educative and watch a show, how reassuring as possible
  • avoid stressful games (which require a lot of brain power and produces tense)
  • enjoy life as much as possible
  • consider that today would be the last day you still have to live and need to fully feel good, do not miss an opportunity, and tomorrow take it over again
  • use any activity that you notice so far that makes you happy



Author: Iulian Cristea
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