Alcohol is very dangerous for humans. According to doctors body can not "digest" for example, more than 100 milliliters of wine per day. However many people consume massive amounts of alcohol daily, some reaching an alcoholic coma, others ending with a fatal result of cirrhosis or other problems.

Alcohol and good parts, when used as a disinfectant, antiseptic or sedative. As and when it comes to a cup at a romantic dinner.

Alcohol can give and so much energy / calories, with a relatively high energy production in the body, but life does not contain the necessary chemicals.

After alcohol and many people change their character, become more aggressive or more calm, start doing things you normally would not do, can cross the street without being sure, raped women, hitting other innocent people etc..

Many people start drinking alcohol since adolescence, they would not necessarily taste like it, but to demonstrate how men can have them, or join a group or the like. They come often end up in alcoholic intoxication, with vomiting and complications terrible headache. You might ask the question: how macho they are when they are no longer able to walk normally where they start to pay grab, to smell awful and when everyone would flee because they are extremely disgusting?

All alcohol is guilty if worrying number of crimes. Pregnant women can cause severe disease and mutation of their children. They can be born with mental disabilities can lose even life.

If the street drinking causes more conflict in families that often number is higher, many wives of alcohol reaching very advanced state of stress and depression, as well as the children can have panic attacks.

At work, making drunk besides bad results that occur can be life-threatening Handful other, depending on each one's work. The most common accidents resulting in fatalities and serious injuries are caused by drivers who have consumed alcohol and then boarded the wheel.

Long-term illnesses or defining:

  • cirrhosis
  • breast cancer
  • intestinal cancer
  • digestive ulcer
  • malnutrition
  • anxiety
  • stroke and other vascular diseases and heart
  • dehydration of the skin
  • helps form cellulite
  • retain water in the body
  • scamp hormonal glands
  • cause diseases of the brain
  • shortens life
  • cause death

Other diseases caused by alcohol in the blood during its existence:

  • change pulse
  • slowness nervous system function
  • reflexes weaken the entire body
  • movement accuracy is affected depending on the amount of alcohol consumed
  • are also affected and hearing, sight, speech, orientation and memory
  • dependence on
  • may cause loss of consciousness
  • restless sleep
  • slow functioning of cells and organs

Other troubles are guilty of alcohol:

  • neglect their children and stress generation
  • Financial problems
  • job loss
  • loss of family
  • prison following trial events drunk
  • accidents



Author: Iulian Cristea
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