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Most of us want a "green" planet. There are many ways we can all help to decrease pollution levels, obtaining lower bills and without gain weight the major companies.

Protect your planet

A good feedback about our planet Our planet can be saved. Send to our address taken pictures or edited pictures by you and we will post them here.         ...
9 years and 11 months ago
Author: Iulian Cristea
Disasters because of pollution

Pollution cause havoc all over the globe What follows are some images to see how the world looks today, effect caused by us, humans. Do animals and birds deserve such treatment? What they did wrong to us?    
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How world might look

World might look like this. But everything depends on those in leadership how things are going. Although it looks as is drawn from science fiction movies, these pictures could be real, thereby grabbing us closer to nature and protect it in the ...
The Glaciars

Because of global warming, glaciers are melting at the pole, and they do very quickly. Is a critical problem for all terrestrial life. Melting glaciers increase the water level. If all the glaciers melt, sea level will rise by up to 70 meters, ...
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