The Trash

One major cause of planet distruction is of course especially the household garbage.

We could say that the authorities do not do the job well enough, but often this is not the case and neither the problem. I think most times, how many of us wonder where they get all this garbage we produce it incessantly. It comes in a hole somewhere on the outskirts of cities where it must break down, but does it? Or at least how long?

Any part of the garbage that we throw-scale produces negative effects on Earth. There are three major constituents very harmful garbage product: metals, plastics and organic materials. The plastic needs tens to hundreds of years to decompose and even then it still not happens at all. The metal, mostly matter what holds in its composition of chemical elements, but even if it were not harmful, is also part of category waste that do not decompose. Not least organic matter, even if they it decompose, although some do over several years, let's do not forget that the decomposition process it can take some decay, and when we talk about tons of garbage containing such materials, we realize that we deal with an outbreak around the rule, where many species of bacteria and parasites are generated.

There are currently several methods of full removing or at least partially in some cases, but our governments believe that they are very expensive. I wonder how expensive can be as long as it affects our lives, and even more, it can bring our death. I think there is not much point talking about the situation of our children or more.

However, there are some things that we can do even us, but we can? We manage to get out of the newspaper or we will work seemed an unspeakable? For this we need to participate as many of us. I don't say all, because however as much as we would like, many of us, we know well that they won't do it. One of these things can be represented through ceasing to throw on the street garbage where we come in handy and use garbage cans. Do you mind that is full basket? It bothers us all, but they are our leaders and if we like it or not, we have chosen them. at least leave trash near the trash - it will be removed more easily and quickly.

Another idea that may seem difficult but in fact is not so, would consist of separating the garbage into categories.



Author: Iulian Cristea

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