The transport

The cars are one of the main pollution sources for which can do so much, but as long as oil is in power, we won't solve much.

We know very well that cars can run on water, the procedure is easy to understand. Extract hydrogen and emit oxygen. It is possible that devices of energy extraction and storage to be quite expensive, but instead to make investments to develop organic engines, they prefer to invest in fast driving.

What can we do about it? We can use public transportation and we will not only help to decrease pollution but also will reduce the flow of traffic and a to lower monthly costs. Indeed the comfort in a car is much higher, but the results goes in one direction.

Of course, if it will grows the number of means of transportation and subway trains, if would multiply the number of subway routes being in any area of the city, but even between towns, everything would be much better. We could thus escape the congestion, delays, high expenses, it might even reduce the number of accidents resulting from loss of patience and the opposite entrances or reckless acceleration.



Author: Iulian Cristea
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