The Glaciars

Because of global warming, glaciers are melting at the pole, and they do very quickly.

Is a critical problem for all terrestrial life. Melting glaciers increase the water level. If all the glaciers melt, sea level will rise by up to 70 meters, covering much of land.

Another problem would be the growth temperature 10-20 degrees depending on the area, because there will be a low temperature at the poles, which cause heat shock on the rest of the planet.

Even if we could live on the planet after complete melting of glaciers, this will not be at all pleasant.

Massive glaciers melt due to emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but also due to other factors such as energy losses.

An important problem is that melting glaciars are significantly faster than anticipated, this phenomenon is producing exponential and not gradually.



Author: Iulian Cristea
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