The energy

If we have always needed something, they should be air, water, sleep, temperature regulation and other needs.

Modern man needs something customary today. It is energy.

Wherever we are, we need electricity. Whether we're home, at work, on the street or elsewhere, be it day or night, the electricity has become indispensable. Certainly happened to us all, to become "victims" of power failure, after which we left in the dark, or without television, computers or devices used in the kitchen, transport as trams, trolleys, trains and metro land remaining blocked.

However, those conclude that energy is essential. All we can do is to save it and to seek alternative sources of energy production. Why is a tragedy in fact we use energy? Because this is not achieved by orthodox means too often, such as in petrol combustion, which produces carbon dioxide emissions, or power plants that burn tens or hundreds of cars of coal per day, for our daily needs, factories, plants and other enterprises. By burning coal it produces huge quantities of carbon dioxide.

How can we save energy and why?
We save for a smaller bill and health of the planet.
By saving we shouldn't understand that we reach extreme, but actually very often we consume 2-3 times more effective energy unnecessarily.
One way would be to switch off the bulbs when we go out the room if we don't return immediately. Sometimes we forget 1-2-3 or more bulbs, consuming even more energy than we consume in the room in which we are. Everything relates to the number of watts per each customer separately. TVs left open they consume 50 watts to 200 depending on the type, age, model and screen size. Computers can not miss in this category, since their consumption starts from 200 watts for the weakest computers, up to 500-600 watts or more, of the most superior. We can provide stand-by, most of them supporting this function, in which they open and close very quickly. Some processors are able to reduce power consumption when not using full power. Only the processors consume from 50 to 120 watts average. In the night when we sleep, we do it with the TV or the PC on? Is it possible to program the television to automatically shut down and there are computer applications that do such thing.

Those who own property as villas or homes, are able to mount on the roof some special barrels water. It will be warm during the day hard enough, sometimes exceeding the temperature bearable, being necessary to add cold water. Heated water can be used in the majority of household necessities such as washing dishes, laundry, bathing and often much needed, except for use in food.
Boiling water is very costly, substantially increasing our bill but also increasing level of pollution.

Fiber tubes can be used to illuminate rooms within offices, businesses, homes, educational institutions, medical centers, throughout the day. This type of installation can be installed additional at lighting electrical system and can be used in daylight instead of electricity, in enclosed spaces where there are no windows.
Fiber optic tubes hold at the ends of the lens that come out some traps, which catch the sun light, what actually takes sunlight and transmits it through tubes inside. Are very effective in buildings where it works, because in most of these places the light is permanently on only during the day. Another advantage of such tubes is the type of light is emitted. It is natural, not tiring as the glow emitted by neon tubes.

All those who live in homes can use also solar panels to capture solar energy. Their main disadvantage is the low level of energy that it produces. Another drawback is that only produce energy during the day and that only when it is sunny, and a third disadvantage is that they are easily susceptible. Surface is made of glass, and when rains with ice, can seriously damage them, and unfortunately are not cheap.

In the Netherlands, to produce energy they are using windmills successfully. This is another way to provide green electricity. But it is necessary to mount the outdoor mills, and last but not least, the wind must prevail. Lately it was invented windmills with vertical paddle and, on base where friction occurs, it uses magnetic poles which are oriented to reject it self, also giving a big plus. These mills have proved by far being more efficient than their predecessors and are more quiet.



Author: Iulian Cristea

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