How we can reduce the pollution

The pollution level is increasing. Many of the pollutants we can not control, but there are other factors we can control.

Even if they seem insignificant, they are coming together from every individual. Thus, to reduce pollution levels, we can account for some factors what we find below, this brought us a discount on daily expenses for the most part. So, here's what you should keep in mind:

  • engine air filter if is dirty it can increase fuel consumption by up to 20%
  • suspension if worn increase fuel consumption
  • engine must not be joined, but more adapted to the speed we have
  • a family can save up to 68,000 liters of water on year by closing the tap while washing dishes, teeth or car, quick-flush tank reduces water consumption by about 15-40% (2 l for each usage)
  • shower instead of bath can save water in a week so as to reach the 1000 coffee cups
  • a defect valve which runs a drop per second, lose 25 liters per day
  • the bathroom and kitchen taps may have a screen that can introduce air bubbles releasing less water. Does not feel the difference but consumption drops to 20%
  • sensor taps are the most economical, reduce consumption to 70%
  • an uncovered pot lose 20% more energy
  • opening oven produces a temperature decrease of 25%
  • 5 minutes before finishing cooking, we can stop fire, taking advantage of heat already issued
  • refrigerator should stay as far away from heat sources
  • door refrigerator / freezer should stay as less as possible open, because ice occurs, and has an insulating effect of cooling elements
  • in the winter, food can be stored on the balcony instead of the fridge, and it can be even stopped. Decreasing temperature with a degree of the refrigerator, can decrease by 10% consumption
  • insulated homes require less heating in winter, non-isolated walls produces a loss of 35%
  • lower temperatures by only one degree can reduce the bill by 10%
  • can recycle certain items instead of putting them in the basket
  • saving bulb reduces electricity consumption by 80%
  • phone chargers consume energy unnecessarily when the phone does not load.
  • Washing machine reduce power consumption by one third if washed at 40 degrees instead of 60



Author: Iulian Cristea

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