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The fuel

Unfortunately, gasoline and diesel today are still in power at fuels chapter. Are easier to extract than other fuels, at least in terms of procedure but highly polluting and expensive for their customers. There are other ways to produce power ...
7 years and 10 months ago
Author: Iulian Cristea
The energy

If we have always needed something, they should be air, water, sleep, temperature regulation and other needs. Modern man needs something customary today. It is energy. Wherever we are, we need electricity. Whether we're home, at work, on ...
The transport

The cars are one of the main pollution sources for which can do so much, but as long as oil is in power, we won't solve much. We know very well that cars can run on water, the procedure is easy to understand. Extract hydrogen and emit oxygen. It ...
The Trash

One major cause of planet distruction is of course especially the household garbage. We could say that the authorities do not do the job well enough, but often this is not the case and neither the problem. I think most times, how many of us ...

Things that we do to the planet directly or not and to creatures that lives on it. Many species of whales and animals are endangered. Our industry affects them in a very violent way, dramatically decreasing the number of populations and limiting ...
Earth day

The Earth Day was first celebrated on 22 April 1970. The reason is waking up the politic society from careless for environment. We must be responsible towards the environment. Water discharges destroy life and the water itself. Cars pollute in a ...
What we can do

We can do much. All we need is to want.
Did you know...?

We can learn something from it
How we can reduce the pollution

The pollution level is increasing. Many of the pollutants we can not control, but there are other factors we can control. Even if they seem insignificant, they are coming together from every individual. Thus, to reduce pollution levels, we can ...
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