Ditches and roads

I wonder, why I need to weak up frustrated every morning? For a while, there are some beloved workers, back to my home, which can't live without destroying me psychically. They can do this starting from 7:30, when they start to drill the street. They make some wonderful ditches, to incorporate some electric wires, internet, telephony etc. I understood that they started to do this on the avenue, because it was one of the biggest problems of this city. You don't agree?
I'm waiting to see the day when there will be issues with one of those cables, or they'll wish to insert another cable, then will be a real fun, when, they will be taken again by surprise. I saw existence of some canals at some distances, probably they will pull wires from there, but I'm sure that they did a good job, so it cannot be done. I have a crazy feeling, in my crazy mind, that they won't be able to pull or push a such a thick wire on tens or thousands of meters. I'll be there when this phenomenon will be in place.
Ok, but I want to come back at silence hours (what kind of jokes I can do). Why in name of God and Jesus Christ and all saints we must tolerate they road breakers and thunders at 7:30 in the morning including weekends? They want to wake us or what? Is not that they can't, but I say just like that.
On sidewalks near avenue, where it were those craters you could effectively make slalom, to avoid the ditch and not braking a leg. Walking in two on the street is already for past. I saw a unhappy guy that had the courage to run on street by rollers. God, what it was in his mind? Of course he lands with a foot in ditch. No, he didn't had insurance for wheels, and not for the feet also...
When you cross those ditches with the car, if you don't drive with maximum 1 km per hour, you have all chances to loose something from your unhappy vehicle. If you don't cross perpendicularly...well...you remain suspended. Who the hell put you?
Anyway, I declare my self a very happy man. If the sidewalk has its ditches, don't think that until a week ago you could drive on the road. No way. The it was a real war zone. The street had effectively skinned without mercy, and when I say without mercy I'm thinking at the parked cars on which grit fallen, and at asphalting if you didn't park in the back, you were the happy winner on a free enameled with something from asphalt.
So what you have Casco? Who do you ask for insurance? Nobody knows why they asphalt the street. Contrary about what happened until this year, now has been asphalt because of boring. My street, didn't had a thing. Well, this until being skinned alive... Reason? The money that still can be pulled from the stupids that pays their dues.
Ah, by the way, the street has been asphalted only where the cars runs, and where they are parked, because maybe they didn't authorization to ask drivers to move their cars to be able to asphalt all the street, they let it how it was. Probably next time we will be lucky. I have a feeling that in the invoice has been added that piece of road where the cars are parked, which means more than a lane of road. But, we all hide in silence, crooking from nose when we walk on the street, sight, swear who and where can, and the garbage flows without any troubles. They had initiative, they placed a piece of paper in some cars glass, I don't know if they had for each of them, in which they told us to not park there "it's asphalting". We were very happy that we need to move our cars on buildings where we had the other parking.
I remember that last year when "they toilet the trees". Blocked streets, police, madness. God, there is somewhere like it is at us? Anyway I'm waiting wires toileting and existing tax.
Therefore for new comers in our wonderful capital, I can only wish them only welcome...and pay attention, it can fall something in their had.



Author: Iulian Cristea
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