Lightning at night

Maybe not too successful, but one thing I know for sure: are my first lightnings caught in the frame. You know how they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. That's one of the situations.   Poate nu-s prea reusite, dar un lucru stiu ...
5 years and 8 months ago
Author: Iulian Cristea
Ditches and roads

I wonder, why I need to weak up frustrated every morning? For a while, there are some beloved workers, back to my home, which can't live without destroying me psychically. They can do this starting from 7:30, when they start to drill the street. ...
Car totaled

  Walking on the sidewalk, I saw at some distance twisted a car wheel in its greatest beauty. I said, look what a crashed car.     I walk a bit more and found an beautiful daylight optical illusion. ...
A new prognostic

If you thought  two days ago that temperature was high, something like this was yesterday . Higher temperatures are expected :)
Welcome summer

For those still not convinced that it 's summer , a small proof :) . Also for fans of strong sensations , that want to get out for a small melting , now is the time. However , I recommend persons with ...
Trusting friends

Don't think that I was drunk or it was hot outside...       ... and if the periscope reised, they think to block it with sand.
Who said that germans are civilized?

Did you know this face of Germans? Meaning animals? Look what they know to do in a hotel, at many floors, after hours of drinking and...why not...fullness. To bad that it cannot take pictures for phone calls at 2-3 AM (between rooms phones of the ...
Some make weddings, others...accidents

Some people don't like to arrive home...and trams what they are looking for or the line...?
Image not available
The most clean water in Bucharest

I'm sure that it doesn't happend only to me, but I wish very much that ApaNova to have the same water. Hot of course. That's what we pay. That is beside the waiting time for hot water to arrive, while we have cold water on the hot ...
Little witch

          Try to not freak out, its just me..
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