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Memobit has its own tops without using other sources of inspiration. We are trying to get a more realistic set of tops and to be as impartial as possible. We can not name it Top 10 because the number rule is not respected each time.


The tourism is a common passion almost to all people. We are showing the places we visited and our opinions about them. We promise to be original and always come up with new presentations.


Most of us want a "green" planet. There are many ways we can all help to decrease pollution levels, obtaining lower bills and without gain weight the major companies.

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We started in 2007 with website and its version in English, the latter being closed because it had no name and a hyphen too not attractive enough and hard to be typed.

u remains active but for another purpose, more to say for commercial use. The two sites were divided into several subdomains, which was quite disadvantageous for us. was launched in 2012 and aims to reach a more interactive website, where users can find various items in bulk and can also relax with a wide range of jokes, funny pictures and videos that we have.

The site is a commercial one and tries to have a clean and realistic content.

If you have an opinion that we could improve our website, it is welcomed.

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